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Menstrual taboo is a challenge for women in Indian society. However, India is an unequal and diverse society. Therefore,

01-02-2017 · When she was 12, Muneera Begum was sold into "marriage" with a 70-year-old man. Police say there are hundreds of cases like hers in Hyderabad, India.

During the lockdown OTT in India is witnessing an unprecedented rise in user engagement and viewership but how long will it.

A Well Drafted Law – A Myth in Modern India – The Indian Judiciary, notwithstanding its limitations, has been enforcing the law as best possible in the situations before.

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15-06-2016 · London's first naked restaurant opened with a waiting list of 46,000. Clothing is optional and technology is strictly forbidden.

Society’s toxic norms have resulted in several unwanted pregnancies. We get pregnant only for the society, not for the child.

Spencer Tunick is organizing 100 nude women for a ground-breaking art installation at the Republican National Convention this summer. May 17, 2016 10 Nudes That Changed Art History

In the absence of media literacy and sex education in the adolescent curriculum, Indian boys will grow up to be toxic men.

If MTV’s Roadies and Splitsvilla weren’t enough, Indian reality shows have now proceeded to online platforms like Netflix,

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Bois Locker Room: A Cambridge researcher explains how misogyny is taking new forms in digital India – When the Indian media early in May began reporting about “Bois Locker Room”, an Instagram chat group in which members from.

The ‘bois locker room’ incident has underlined an important lesson: We need to act now, nudge policymakers, and schools, to.

During the lockdown OTT in India is witnessing an unprecedented rise in user engagement and viewership but how long will it.

Jangal Sex New India Sex Com The Central Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday booked a Delhi based private company and its directors plus some unknown persons for allegedly hosting Russian domain web sites with content relating to. Fucking Female On International Masturbation Day, MAKERS India takes a look at the films and web-series which portrayed women’s sexual

The accused also assaulted the boy with a belt and recorded a video of him being paraded naked on the streets. The video clearly shows how the teenager was forced by the accused to roam on the.